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Outpost 2: Divided Destiny

A game based off of proposed NASA colonizing missions. This addictive, yet complicated, real-time strategy offers rich story line (that is best played through while reading the Novella coupled with the mission) based in the far future where humanity has had to leave earth in order to survive.

After arriving on a planet they name "New Terra" there is some heated debate about what humanity ought to do with their new home. The Eden colony planned to tame their new home, to conquer it, and terraform it into a New Earth. Plymouth colony's philosophy is that they should adapt themselves to their new home, no matter the cost. After some radical top-secret experiments in one of Eden's laboratories, a force known as "The Blight" begins to violently ravish their new home.

The AI scripting is less than stellar, and the graphics weren't even note-worthy back when the game was released in the 1990s. What sets this game apart is in it's ability to make the usually mundane portions of a RTS game fun. Managing colonists, training scientists, and enduring the wrath of the terrain prove challenging in and of themselves--then add a hostile enemy and you're ready for hours of fun.

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