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Chessmaster 10th Edition Whether you're new to chess programs or a Chessmaster veteran, you'll discover that Chessmaster 10th Edition is the most comprehensive chess software available. Old friends will quickly realize that the 10th Edition is one of the most important updates of the franchise in both graphics and content.
Here are the most important new or revised elements:
  • A brand-new, clean, clear, and easy-to-navigate user interface. 
  • A full-featured online chess module, allowing players to communicate,
        compete, and learn from each other. 
  • The new Chessmaster Academy, where International Master Josh
        Waitzkin will introduce players to the world of chess. 
  • More than 30 full-3D chess sets, including the first animated chess sets
        in a Chessmaster PC game, and the option to view all the 3D sets in
        enhanced 3D using glasses with red/cyan lenses. 
  • A large selection of game modes for greater replay value. 
  • The updated version of The King.  the chess engine behind

1.x Patches - Chessmaster 10th Edition
Chessmaster 11 - Grandmaster Edition Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition expands the scope of chess to include broader principles of learning. Josh Waitzkin's much-anticipated book The Art of Learning (Free Press) is designed to pave the road to successful long-term growth on and off the chessboard. The eight-time National Chess Champion and two-time martial arts World Champion puts users in his shoes in some of the most riveting and formative moments of his chess career, including the legendary climactic game from the book and film Searching for Bobby Fischer. Waitzkin then turns to the classics, introducing beginners to brilliant games from some of the most important players in the history of chess. In his most revealing commentary ever, Waitzkin not only teaches the beginning chess player the fundamentals of the game, but also humanizes the road to mastery. Never has chess been so exciting. 1.x