Applications Affected by Bug #38004

Application Name Description version Downloads
Alien Rage - Unlimited Alien Rage is a science fiction first-person shooter video game.  Alien Rage was developed by the Bydgoszcz studio of Polish developer CI Games, then known as City Interactive, using Unreal Engine 3. The game has single player and competitive multiplayer modes. In its single player campaign, players are put in control of an elite soldier named Jack. Jack is sent to destroy a mining facility and the aliens within it after the aliens turned against and killed the humans that they had shared the facility with. 1.6
Game Of Thrones A roleplaying game set in the world of Westeros. You control two different characters alternatingly in different chapters. speech-heavy. 1.x
Outlast Horror game
Sanctum A FFS tower defense Game based on the UT3 engine. Steam
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter First person adventure game focused on exploration and discovery.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Remake of the famous XCOM: UFO Defense. Manage your base and intercept hostile alien ships in real-time strategic view, fight aliens in cityscape and crashed UFOs in turn-based tactics view. Steam version