Applications Affected by Bug #3837

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No Man's Land America is yours for the taking: from colonizing the East to settling the Wild West. Demo Demo
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is an action-adventure stealth game published by Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell is a stealth-action game that puts you in the roll of Sam Fisher, who happens to be an ex-US Navy SEAL as well as an ex-CIA-agent. As you find out in the original title, Sam now works for sub-agency of the NSA known as "Third Echelon". The task of "Third Echelon" is to do whatever it takes in order to protect the county, this task is known as the "Fifth Freedom."
And of course, should Sam ever become captured or killed, all knowledge of his existence will be denied.

X²: The Threat

Many years have passed since Kyle Brennan left Earth in the X-Shuttle. The story however continues with Julian Gardna, the child who ran away from home has now grown up, but in an attempt to steal a ship, was arrested and sent to be rehabilitated. Unbeknown to him, his past holds many secrets and his future even more.

A new threat has entered the known universe, a race who have devastated one sector, and have the power to continue their reign of destruction, a race called the Khaak. 

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