Applications Affected by Bug #39367

Application Name Description version Downloads

Origin is an integrated store and gaming platform, similar to Steam.

The Origin Client (previously "EA Download Manager") allows to download EA games and additional content and offers social integration.

Newer games will not run without Origin.

Latest Release Origin installer (full version)
Origin installer (thin version)
Origin installer (legacy version)
Redirector Localized download page and store
PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now allows streaming (via subscription) PlayStation 3 and 4 games to PC.

Latest Latest version from Sony
WISO (Steuer) Sparbuch

WISO Steuer Sparbuch, also known as ­­WISO Sparbuch in older versions is a german application for tax-calculation.

Save yourself the annoying filling in of tax forms, evade trouble with your tax office and get the maximum out of your tax assesment.