Applications Affected by Bug #39790

Application Name Description version Downloads
Allen Human Brain Atlas - Brain Explorer 2 Brain Explorer 2 is a desktop software application for viewing the human brain anatomy and gene expression data in 3D. Using Brain Explorer 2, you can: * View a fully interactive version of the Allen Human Brain Atlas in 3D for two donors. * View gene expression data in 3D: partially-inflated white matter surfaces are colored by gene expression values of nearby samples. * View expression data from different donors side-by-side * Explore anatomically-labeled MRI images and cortical surfaces for both donors. * Investigate probes or samples of interest in more detail with direct links back to the Allen Human Brain Atlas web page. After installing Brain Explorer 2, you can view gene expression data by performing a gene search from the Microarray page or from within Brain Explorer 2's main window 2.1.1 Windows version