Applications Affected by Bug #40063

Application Name Description version Downloads

New version (2015) 1.04 is working in a cloud, and is a simplified derivative of Altium Designer.

Older version (2000 - 2005) named CircuitMaker 2000 Pro is still usable:

Schematics and printed circuit board (PCB) layout editor, analog/digital circuit simulation.
Both pcb and schematic editors are working well.
You can draw schematics, pcb's, use and change it's libraries, import & export netlist, use autorouter, run simulations and save your work.

The old "SimView.DLL not properly loaded + runtime error 217 at 0003F702" error can be eliminated by installing unixODBC-2.2.12 package.
Altium sadly stopped selling this software in November 2005 promoting only newer and very expensive (eight times more $$) versions.