Applications Affected by Bug #40199

Application Name Description version Downloads

FireAlpaca is a free to use image editor focused primarily around illustrations. FireAlpaca most notably focuses around being lightweight and having a decent range of default brushes and templates. There is a paid for ad free version on steam.

2.1.8 Official website
Medibang Paint Pro

Medibang Paint Pro is the PC version of their Medibang Paint product.

It's a drawing program designed primarily for working with comics/manga with support for panel design, screentones and various brushes. Its integration with the Medibang Cloud/ArtStreet allows for sharing projects across all Medibang Paint apps (for Android/iOS) as well as promoting collaboration with other Medibang Paint users. Also includes community features like tutorials and downloadable brushes and materials for manga/comic work.

Application is free to use, with some integration with their Cloud service (free, but have some purchasable content). Also serves ads at startup, but primarily over their Cloud services.

26.2 Main website for Medibang Paint Pro for Windows/Mac