Applications Affected by Bug #40219

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Cisco Jabber

Application used to Receive and Send IP Telephony phone calls as well as Instant message. Cisco has absolutely no interest in creating a Linux distribution.

I've tested install with 2 versions of wine and running the application fails.

Jabber is used around the world and so many people are disappointed there isn't a linux version. Other linux products like Pigeon or Jitsi will no do the IP telephony part. 

Darkest Dungeon An RPG/Roguelike game where you have to lead a team of heroes to explore various dungeons and defeat monsters, while making sure they stay alive and sane. Game

KONTAKT embodies the future of sampling. No other software or hardware sampler offers such a comprehensive set of features, so much flexibility and performance or such a high degree of compatibility. From authentic library playback of virtually any format to the intuitive creation of new instruments, from profound sound design to lively and dynamic surround sound mixes - KONTAKT opens the doors to creativity. (from vendor website)

5.0 Kontakt 5 Demo
Serato DJ

Serato DJ has grown to be the world-leading digital DJ software.

Being one of the pioneers of the "DVS"/Digital Vinyl revolution, Serato Scratch Live was launched.

Serato DJ is the newest iteration of the software, and integrates extensive functionality such as Timecode vinyl support and video mixing in one program through the use of "expansion packs".

 A free trial version available (usable just as a library editor/DJ set preparation tool). It can be unlocked via the use of a simple Serial Key or a monthly paid subscription. However, both editions are the same piece of code.

It can be downloaded from serato's website with the creation of a free account (e-mail login).

x64dbg x64dbg is 32/64 bit debugger for Windows.
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