Applications Affected by Bug #4065

Application Name Description version Downloads
TTPlayer TTPlayer is one (if not) the most used MP3 player in Mainland China(and given the number of Chinese people the most used in the world).

Its easily outfeatures players like Winamp, Coolbar, Windows Media player and most others.

-Automatic Karaoke Lyrics(lrc format) download and display, synched with the music almost word by word. (Found some quite obscure songs i never thought it would :))
-good Lrc Editor included
-Great Filemanagement(Onthefly repair of mp3 Tags according to filename or viceversa).
-Great playlist functions
-incredibly minimal Harware requirements(very low CPU and memory usage)
-Full Unicode support as well as multiple Encodings.
-Standard set of functionalty expected for any mp3 player today.

Lacks Video support. :(

This player is particularly great for learners of the chinese language. The ability to download and display the chinese lyrics to virtually any chinese song is unique. this makes it a unique Tool for chinese learners unfortunately not yet available in linux to my knowledge.

Btw. its in chinese only!
5.0.1 Click on the links to the right of the upper orange box for the Simplified chinese Version