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123D Design

I'm a newbie to Wine but I was able to get 123D Design to work. 

Installation Steps:

Download 123D Design (I installed the 64-bit version) 

Install cabextract:
  • sudo apt-get install cabextract

Install winetricks (search for installation instructions -- it's not difficult)

Use winetricks to Install Visual Studio Redistributables

  • winetricks vcrun2005sp1
  • winetricks vcrun2008
  • winetricks vcrun2010

Run the installation program

  • wine 123D_Design_R2.0_WIN64_2.0.16.exe

Follow the prompts as usual. If you get any errors about installing Visual Studio Redistributables, click "Ignore". At the end of the installation, you should get a 123D Design icon on your desktop. Double-click it run.