Applications Affected by Bug #42191

Application Name Description version Downloads
Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game built upon the original 1979 classic, both in atmosphere, and in design. The game tries to re-create the feeling experienced for first-time viewers of Ridley Scott's original masterpiece, as opposed to the tried-and-jaded approach used by other games to represent James Cameron's action-based sequel.

 The game takes place in the Sevastapol; a huge space station with residents as you might find on Earth. You take control of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter, who has come to determine the details of her mother's disappearance. Little does she know that the horror she will soon face is of the same kind as the one that nearly was her mother's undoing.

 Can Amanda survive long enough to discover what happened to her mother? 

Steam (Initial Release)
Assasin's Creed Liberation HD (Steam) Remodel of the PS Vita version designed especially for platforms and PC. Game is available for purchase and download on either Steam or Uplay. (the steam version will work jointly with Uplay to run app).
Bioshock 2 Bioshock 2 is a first person shooter Remastered Steam
Dark Souls

Action role-playing game with optional online multiplayer features.

Remastered (Steam)
Dark Souls III Dark Souls III is the third in a series of third person RPG adventure games.  Known for high difficulty and a strong focus on learning and recognizing enemy behaviors of both AIs and other human players.
Diablo III

Diablo III is the award-winning, genre-defining action-RPG set in Sanctuary, a world ravaged by eternal conflict.


The new game from Piranha Bytes, the developer of the Gothic and Risen series.

Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is an action-adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix

Steam Steam link
Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is a real-time tactics / strategy game set in World War II. It is a sequel to the 2011 game Men of War: Assault Squad.[1] The early access version of the game was released on March 20, 2014. This generated some controversy, since the full game was supposed to release on this date, but instead fans got early access. It was fully released on the 15th of May 2014.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions. Commanders can now faceoff against opponents on various new multiplayer 1v1 – 4v4 maps. To truly bring the battles to life though there is the new extreme game mode designed for huge battles on spectacular maps.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Nine years after the events of MGSV: GROUND ZEROES and the fall of Mother Base, Snake a.k.a. Big Boss, awakens from a nine year coma. The year is 1984. The Cold War serves as the backdrop as nuclear weapons continue to shape a global crisis. Driven by revenge, Snake establishes a new private army and returns to the battlefield in pursuit of the shadow group, XOF. The METAL GEAR SOLID team continues to ambitiously explore mature themes such as the psychology of warfare and the atrocities that result from those that engage in its vicious cycle. One of the most anticipated games of the year with its open-world design, photorealistic visual fidelity and feature-rich game design, MGSV: The Phantom Pain will leave its mark as one of the hallmarks in the gaming industry for its cinematic storytelling, heavy themes, and immersive tactical gameplay. Steam
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Game of action and survival horror.

The Evil Within The Evil Within (Also known as Psycho Break in Japan) is an action horror game developed by Tango Gameworks, and published by Bethesda Softworks.