Applications Affected by Bug #44767

Application Name Description version Downloads
Nostale Easy to play
NosTale welcomes beginners to Online Role-Play gaming:
  • Get-started easily with our explicit Introduction & Installation hints
  • Read our comprehensive Guide in-game, it's always just a click away
  • Learn step-by-step as the game teaches you with easy tasks what to do from the beginning

Fun to explore
NosTale offers you and your friends endless adventures and possibilities to get together

  • Enjoy comic-style characters, ranging from cute to fearsome
  • Explore a huge world full of adventure alone, in party or with your family
  • Invite your friends to your individual Mini-Land
Impossible to master
NosTale possesses all the challenging features that experienced gamers have come to like:
  • Capture monsters and turn them into your pet and Make friends with NPCs, so that they follow you
  • Solve tricky quest and Fight epic raids
  • Improve your weapons and skills and Become a Specialist of different natures for just some time

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