Applications Affected by Bug #44931

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Krakels ABC: Den Galna Dammsugaren

A childrens game from 1998 in which you learn to spell and make sentences in Swedish using funny puzzles and word games.

Nine: The Last Resort

9: The Last Resort is a 1996 adventure computer game developed by Tribeca Interactive. The game was produced by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, and sported an all-star cast of voice-artists including Cher, James Belushi, Christopher Reeve, and Steven Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith. It also includes the visual style and artwork of Mark Ryden.[1]

The game came three years after the release of Myst. Like Myst, 9 is a graphically-rich 3D prerendered world, taking advantage of high-quality QuickTime video. It was written for the Windows and the Mac OS platforms, unlike most games of the time which ran on DOS platform as well/instead.

9 features a large cast of characters, and is rich in
character interaction. The game world is populated by bizarre
environments, objects and creatures. There is a strong musical
theme running through the entire game, as evidenced by a majority of
the puzzles, including the main recurring puzzle. There is also a strong
element of humour in the game.

Boxed version

Safecracker is a Macromedia Director 5.0-based game released in 1998 using early version of Quicktime.

In this game, you are working as a professional safe cracker. You will approach a big house full of safes in different setups with different solutions and your job is to crack them (puzzle-wise) and take whats inside.

Svea Rike

Svea Rike is a Swedish turn-based strategy game which takes place in 1523-1818  and is based on the different states of the Nordics (e.g Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway during that time. You start off by selecting one of the Swedish houses and thereafter achieve as many points as possible in order for you to be the true ruler of Sweden (which is decided in 1818 when king Karl XIII dies).

 The game was released 1997 and developed by Target Games which dissolved in 1999.