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Altium Designer Complete electronic design solution 20 Altium Downloads page
Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion is an entry level Computed Aided Design (CAD) program with lots of cloud-based features and a very reasonable pricing structure.

Licence totaly free for hobbist or student if gains are < 100 000$, just register and activate free licence.

latest Web Installer for the latest version

iClone is a 3Drendering and animation software program that enables users to make 3D animated films. It is notable for being one of the very few animation softwares (the other two being Muvizu and Autodesk MotionBuilder) that use a real-time "WYSIWYG" view to let animators see the results of their work immediately. This real-time feature is enabled by using a 3D videogame engine for instant on-screen rendering.

Other functionality includes: full facial and skeletal animation of human and animal figures; lip-syncing; import of standard 3D file types including FBX; a timeline for editing and merging motions; a scripting language for character interaction; application of standard motion-capture files; the ability to control an animated scene in the same manner as playing a videogame; and the import of models from Google 3D Warehouse, among many other features. iClone is also notable for offering users royalty-free usage of all content that they create with the software, even when using Reallusion's own assets library.

iClone is developed by Reallusion, a company that has a software development base in Taiwan and offices and training centres in the U.S. and Germany. At May 2010, the iClone software is in version 4.1.

  -- From Wikipedia

7.0 Download of the trial version
World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy meets Pokemon, catch creatures known from the Final Fantasy franchise and evolve them as you go.