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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is an investigation game that puts you at the core of a thrilling and complex plot.  It has all of the ingredients to make a great investigation: examination of crimes scenes, collection of clues and evidence, pursuing of leads, questioning of witnesses and suspects, reasoning and deduction work...that's what the heart of the game is made of.  The game is easily played with a gamepad on console, yet keeps the classic mouse gameplay on PC.  While playing as the famous detective, you will have to solve the trickiest case of his entire career since Sherlock Holmes himself is the main suspect!

Use all of your skills to sort out the numerous twists and mysteries of this investigation.  You will need to be a keen observer on the different crime scenes in order to examine every single clue.  Your logic and the game's ingenious deduction system will be of great help to link the facts together and draw the right conclusions.  During the questioning, you will choose your approach to put your interlocutor off guard to find out as much information as possible!  In the end, you will lead a head-on open investigation, sometimes playing as Sherlock Holmes, sometimes as Doctor Watson.  You alone will decide which leads to follow.