Applications Affected by Bug #4763

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Jagged Alliance 2

Fight for freedom, kill for cash.
A ruthless dictator has taken control of the tiny nation of Arulco. The country's large army has a terrified population in its iron grip, its only opposition is a ragtag bunch of rebels.
The bad news: you're in charge of the rebels.
The good news: some of the world's best mercenaries will fight on your side...if you can afford them.

Ahead lies a savage struggle for freedom. To win, you'll need the negotiating skills of a diplomat, the strategic genius of a general, the battle tactics of a commando...and a whole lot of guts

Deep role playing
A vast new story, huge new world, many quests, plus mercenaries with unique personalities that improve with experience.

Deep Strategy
Explore and conquer and entire nation. Seize and defend the mines that finance your battles.

Deep Tactics
Lay cover fire, aim at body parts, and travel in vehicles.

Wildfire: 1.0