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This is really a great roleplaying game putting more emphasis on story and a vivid world than a long list of stats and numbers.

Gothic II

In Gothic 2, the barrier has fallen and escaped prisoners have been flooding through the pass to Khorinis, endangering the city that has the same name as the island it stands on: Khorinis. The nameless hero has been saved by Xardas the Necromancer from the ruins of the Sleeper. Barely alive, he must gather his strength and defeat the dragons. The colony was left without workers, forcing the king to send an expedition into the mine-valley known from Gothic 1 to get the ore. The valley is overrun by Orcs who took over the lands after the humans left and are besieging the paladins in the Old Camp. The Old Camp has been burned down by dragons and orcs and only the inner castle remains. A large wall has been erected to the west side of the valley, making the Swamp Camp inaccessible. The New Camp has been abandoned also and is covered in snow for some strange reason.

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Night of the Raven: 2.6/2.7