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Earthworm Jim 3D

Earthworm Jim 3D is a 3rd person shooter game in which You play as a crazy earthworm called Jim. This is the third continue of Earthworm Jim and at the same time the first EWJ game using 3D graphics.
About the story - While You are playing on Your accordion suddenly some big fridge and a cow fall right on Your head. After that accident You are locked in Your mind and You have to find a way out.
There are three things that are common for all "EWJ" games: 1. crazy story (one big enemy - Psy Crow), 2. funny and nice crazy cartoon graphics, 3. crazy and funny music. Why crazy? For example: Imagine a situation when You are throwing cleavers to cut cows's heads while attacking You, riding a pig... Or You are carrying a chicken for shooting enemies by eggs...:-) and much more.
The only fact which is less funny in Earthworm Jim 3D is that the camera does not obey in most scenes and that makes this game a bit harder to play when there are many enemies but it is a matter of habit and skill.