Applications Affected by Bug #5094

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This is popular Software in German speaking countries to use many copyrighted religious texts on PC. While the name of the Software is MFchi, the products that use this software are often published under different names like 'ELBIWIN', 'CD-ROM Bibel Edition' or 'Bibel digital'. All of these products can be used with the same installation. The Software (in it's 'basic' version) is also available in the following languages: Hebrew, Old Greek, English, French, Slovene, Lettish and Estonian. Copyrighted Bible Texts are available to all these languages. However, the extended version is only available in German and most published texts are in German language.

 A free demo-version in German language is available at:
However, the most critical part of MFchi under Linux - which is the integration of additional texts - cannot be tested with the demo-version.