Applications Affected by Bug #52396

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Logos Bible Software (Verbum)

Logos Bible study software is one of the leading Bible study platforms. It has ebook functionality similar to kindle but with extensive research tools, data tagging and links between books etc.

The app is also sold with different libraries, features sets and branding under the names Noet and Verbum for study of Classics and Catholicism.

Since the latest software is available as a free download efforts are always focused on the latest release. If you are still using an old version note that updates to the base software are usually free of charge. Just download the latest version and sign in. It should download all previous purchases.

Logos / Verbum 10 or

Metatogger allows correcting or completing audio files tags. It comes with features that allow:

  • manual tags editing or with C# scripts;
  • retrieve tags from file name or paths;
  • rename files with tags content;
  • look after duplicate audio files;
  • organize files according to tags (copy, move, symbolic link);
  • retrieve tags in a local database of 1.5 million public records;retrieve covers and lyrics from Internet;
  • identify files using acoustic fingerprinting technology;
  • easily clean unwanted tags.

Metatogger works with Ogg VorbisFLAC, M4A (AAC and ALAC) and WMA.

7.2 Download