Applications Affected by Bug #5290

Application Name Description version Downloads
EAC - Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy, or often simply EAC, is a well known Digital Audio Extractor (CD Ripper) for Windows. It has tons of features, the primary ones are:

  • CDROM read/write offset aware
  • External audio encoder support
  • Built in CD-Burning (from files as well as CUE sheets)
  • Secure mode (an accurate way to rip CDs)
  • CD Player
  • CDROM drive feature detection
  • CD-TEXT support
  • ID3 tag editor
  • CDDB aware
  • lots more; see the homepage.

Microsoft Office (installer only)

This entry is for testing the installer of Microsoft's Office application suite. The individual applications included in the suite have their own AppDB entries; test results for running the applications should be submitted through their individual AppDB page.

Wikipedia's entry on what applications came with each release of Microsoft Office.