Applications Affected by Bug #52959

Application Name Description version Downloads
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Late 1940. All of Western Europe is controlled by the Axis forces. Momentarily held back by the English Channel, the German army gathers strength for an imminent invasion of Great Britain. However, there is one man in the British ranks who will not resign himself to play a merely defensive role. This man is Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Clark. His plan: to create a special unit with a handful of exceptional men. Men who are skilled at handling all kinds of weapons and equipment. Men who are able to hit the enemy hard in the most dangerous missions. Men who can change the course of the war. Ammo Pack (GOG)
Empire Earth

This is a real time strategy game that incorporates that idea of technological advancement in the same vein of the Age of Empires series. It has much cooler graphics.

Gold Edition (GOG)