Applications Affected by Bug #6678

Application Name Description version Downloads
Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands The world of Zork Nemesis is dark, serious, and full of mature content (e.g. depiction of torture and human sacrifice) that is definitely not suitable for children. The truly fascinating story makes Nemesis a great game in its own right, and well worth a look by every adventure fan. Zork: Nemesis employed technology Activision dubbed "Z-Vision Surround Technology." This gave users a simulated 360-degree view of each location visited. Zork: Nemesis, like many good adventure games of its time, made excellent use of live actors. 1.0
Zork: Grand Inquisitor Zork Grand Inquisitor is an adventure game in the tradition of the earlier, text-only Zork games: addictive, challenging, and dryly funny. A gorgeous first-person perspective delivers a great game experience. Grand Inquisitor continues to use famous Zork Nemesis pseudo 3D engine, able to rotate player's view in each screen. 1.0