Applications Affected by Bug #7084

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The Master Genealogist

The Master Genealogist (TMG) is a popular genealogy software for Windows that was discontinued at the end of 2014 (The announcement.). ­The Master Genealogist is able to be customized for data entry through user-defined event, name, and relationship types.

TMG uses DLL's from Visual Fox Pro (VFP) so many issues associated with VFP affect TMG.

TMG's version history can be found on Wikipedia

There are a couple of Linux alternatives:

  • Gramps (Debian package) -  written in Python. Good data-model (Supports GEDCOM 5.5.1), handles large family trees well.
  • GeneWeb (Debian package) - Written in OCaml, with CGI interface. Simpler data-mode, but handles 400k-name families without trouble.


WeatherScope is a freely available (for eduacational and non-commercial use), OpenGL-based, weather data viewer from the Oklahoma C­limatological Survey.

According to the 14 January 2002 paper here ( WeatherScope, accesses data archives via HTTP, integrates different georeferenced data sets (e.g., regional mesonetworks, surface observations, satellite and radar data, and images), and offers extensible and flexible support for a host of data file formats.

Most of the data available through the program is available free of charge, with no account needed.

1.8.0 Windows 6.5 MB, Macintosh 9.4 mb