Applications Affected by Bug #8232

Application Name Description version Downloads
Fate Axis A 3D fighter. 1.x FateAxis:無料ゲーム by ふりーむ!

An R/C model flight simulator that allows you to train many types of models and get the feel of how they react before you crash the real one.

It allows you to connect your radio-control to the game to get the real feeling of flying.

Machines Machines is a 3D RTS for the PC. You control an army of machines with weapons such as plasma cannons, flame throwers, autocannons, and more. It also features a first-person mode where you can take control of one of your machines. 1.0
Star Wars: Rebellion A strategy game where you play as either the Rebellion or the Empire and try to take the galaxy from the other side. You get to command all sorts of ships from starwars such as star destroyers, mon calimari cruisers, and even death stars. You can conquer planets, ally with them, or destroy them. 1.00
Warhammer : Dark Omen Dark Omen is a strategy game based on the Warhammer license. 1.0