Applications Affected by Bug #8888

Application Name Description version Downloads
Ragnarok Online Ragnarok Online is a role-playing game where players can take the job of a swordsman, thief, mage, acolyte or archer and advance their levels of skill and power.Started in Korea, this game is one of the flagship games of the Gravity Corporation, and has captured gamers across the world with its 3D world, coupled with 2D sprite characters.Game-Master events, boss-monsters, bi-weekly castle sieges (War of Emperium), PVP arenas, and community-run guilds have been focuses of the game for many years--with new towns, monsters, and skills still being released monthly. International (iRO) Client Client Download (iRO)
SimEnzyme Simulation software for analysis of enzyme reactions. Let's you simulate laboratory experiments without having to physically run the lab.

Plots graphs and is capable of simulating several common Biochemistry experiments.

This is not a complex application, it's used for running Lab simulations at the University of Guelph but it is very flexible and can be used outside of the specific boundaries of an assigned lab, including experiments at other institutions (license permitting) or for private educational use.

Free to use and share for educational purposes only.
1.0 Download link for SimEnzyme