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Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, alternately known as Nexus TK or simply Nexus, is an MMORPG.

Run in the US by Kru Interactive. Nexus began as a U.S. version of the Korean game 바람의 나라 (Baram) developed by Nexon Inc. of Korea, and is loosely based on Korean mythology and on a series of graphic novels by an artist named Kim Jin. Development of Baram began in Korea in 1994 and the game was released in 1996. That year, it also entered Beta in the United States, going commercial in 1998. In 2005, Kru Interactive bought the US assets of Nexon Inc. and took over running Nexus, Dark Ages, and Shattered Galaxy as an independant company.

A few features that distinguish Nexus from other MMORPGs are its 2D tile graphics, intense player involvement, a central storyline, and its anime-like style.

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6.x Nexus TK 6.74 (166MB)
The game client