Applications Affected by Bug #922

Application Name Description version Downloads
American McGee's Alice An evil Alice in a strange Wonderland 1.0
Baldur's Gate II

This epic sequel to the role-playing game of the year will immerse you in a world of intrigue, adventure and fierce combat where your ability to discern the difference between these sides -- with the assistance of steel and spell -- determines your fate. Set in the Forgotten Realms.

Shadows of Amn
Protel 99SE

Protel 99 SE includes an easy-to-use schematic capture editor with a huge range of components, a powerful PCB design editor with sophisticated interactive routing and placement features that are second-to-none, and an easy-to-use shape based autorouter that routes like a professional board designer.

(Extract from Readme.txt on Protel 99SE CDROM)

99SE SP6
Sacrifice In Sacrifice, players control a wizard and battle up to 4 other wizards in various landscapes ruled by Five Gods. These landscapes are vast, floating islands, whose composition and architecture are defined by the Gods themselves. 0678.05.21 Patch #3
Startopia Startopia is a strategy-management like game. where you run a space station, buy equipment. missions are varied - you have to attract tourists, detain prisoners, run a space-hospital, farm etc. etc. 1.x
Worms World Party Small pink worms battle it out with an insane weapon arsenal. 1.x