Applications Affected by Bug #9249

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop software is a popular professional-quality bitmap image editor that handles Graphics editing package. Supports layers, alpha channels and much more. Photoshop is similar yet still different from Gimp.

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6.0 Trial Download
Anstoss 2 A very good Soccer Manager 1.50
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Unlike traditional strategy games, Command & Conquer offers real-time combat. The emphasis isn?t on turn taking or solving tactical problems like fuel, food, and bullets, but on real-time thrills, spills, and kills.

This is the Windows 95 version which has greatly improved graphics, released two years after the original Command & Conquer for DOS, now called 'Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn'.

Gold 1.x Command & Conquer Classics

Rayfractâ„¢ Seismic Refraction Tomography software allows imaging of subsurface velocity structure based on seismic first break energy propagation modeling.

An initial 1D gradient model is determined automatically directly from the traveltime data, with the Delta-t-V method (improved Herglotz-Wiechert method). This initial model is then refined with true 2D WET Wavepath Eikonal Traveltime tomography processing. Also, the software allows interpretation of traveltimes with conventional Plus-Minus and Wavefront seismic refraction methods.

Requires Golden Software Surfer Demo (available at