Applications Affected by Bug #9356

Application Name Description version Downloads
Reinhardt MCT 192 Cabletester

MCT 192 is an easy-to-use high-speed cable tester for testing multi-wire cables and complete backplanes.

With this software, you can test cables, even multi-way, switchers, and by changing even complete backplanes. The data you get from a test item known to be good are saved and can later be used for testing the respective items. The software creates a test report which shows exactly where and how many faults occurred (for operating systems.

MCT 192 Cabletester
Windows Packet Programm Windows Packet Programm is an Amateur Radio communication application for the packet radio network over air and TCP/IP network.
The program communicates to one or more TNCs (Terminal Node Controller) over one or more COM ports, which is/are connected to an Amateur Radio Transceiver for communication over RF.